Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Genes Made Me a Liberal!

Science comes through again!

It makes me feel so good about paying taxes to fund these studies by those genius impartial and unbiased researchers from Harvard and the U of CA.

Now I have someone to blame ... momma and daddy. Yep, they passed along the defects.

And to think I thought it was the LSD and chromosome damage like we were once told. 

It's in the news. It must be true.

Left wing liberals are born not bred
Holding liberal views may be in the blood, believe scientists
Researchers have discovered that the "liberal gene" opens you up to new ideas and alternative lifestyles – and could influence your belief in left wing politics.
The findings may mean that liberals are born not made – although it is exacerbated if you an individual is popular during his or her young formative years.

The Liberal Gene is a "transmitter" in the brain called DRD4 which is connected to a chemical called dopamine, known as the reward currency of the brain.

It found those with a strain of the DRD4 gene seek out "novelty" – such as people and lifestyles which are different to the ones they are used to.

This leads them to have more liberal opinions, politically, it found.

The person's age, ethnicity, gender or culture appeared to make no difference – it was the gene which counts.

DRD4 is controlled by dopamine which affects the way the brain deals with emotions, pleasure and pain and can therefore influence personality traits.

"These findings suggest that political affiliation is not based solely on the kind of social environment people experience." {more}

The next study should be about how to splice and dice out these bad genes so we don't pass them on to our kids.

It'll be all for the children .....

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